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LIVE 17dB Earplugs

LIVE 17dB Earplugs


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Minuendo LIVE earplugs are a new addition to our line of earplugs for music enthusiasts. These earplugs are designed to provide superior sound quality while still protecting your ears from loud noise. Unlike our previous Minuendo adjustable earplugs, Minuendo LIVE earplugs are not adjustable and are fixed to reduce the volume by 17 dB.

This decision to make them not adjustable was based on user feedback from our previous Minuendo adjustable earplugs. We found that the setting that most users preferred was a reduction of 17 dB. Therefore, Minuendo LIVE has been designed to reduce the volume by 17 dB as the default setting. This means that you can enjoy live music performances at a safe volume level without sacrificing sound quality.

This fixed setting of 17 dB is perfect for most live music events, such as concerts and festivals. It will provide enough protection for your hearing while still allowing you to fully enjoy the music. The fact that Minuendo LIVE is not adjustable also makes it more affordable than the previous adjustable version, making it accessible to a wider audience who are looking for premium quality earplugs.

Minuendo LIVE earplugs are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy live music while protecting their hearing, without the need for adjustable filters, making it easy and affordable.

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