LIVE 17dB Earplugs

  • Fixed -17 dB
  • Black | White
  • Attending music events

$99 USD Pre-order now for $89

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Adjustable earplugs (US)

  • Adjustable -7 to -25dB
  • Black
  • Rehersal, performing

$159 USD Black Weekend: 159,00 USD

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Minuendo Adjustable hearing protection

Acoustic earplugs that provide high-quality sound with no loss for pro-musicians and live music lovers.

  • The world's only variable passive HiFi filter
  • Stepless manual adjustment (7-25dB)

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Stepless adjustments​

Always wanted more control of your sound environment?

Turning down loud sounds is now at your fingertips.

Premium accesories

Every detail.

No loss.

Welcome to a future where you no longer have to compromise on sound or comfort to feel safe.

Play, sing, rock out, move closer — enjoy music, enjoy life.


Yet fully protected.

Designed and manufactured in Norway for musicians with the highest focus on natural sound quality, these are the earplugs you’ve been waiting for. Get on or in front of that stage, knowing that your hearing is protected all the way.

Perfect fit.

No loss.

No electronics.

No loss.

Natural sound.

No loss.

A flat frequency response translates to clear and natural sound. We are able to achieve a frequency response on par with custom mold musicians earplugs due to the patented membrane technology.

Unmatched comfort.

No loss.


Stepless adjustment

The world's only variable
passive Hi-Fi filter

Natural flat frequency

Patented adjustable

No electronics
or batteries

"The Minuendo earplugs should be part of every music professional’s
toolkit, as well as an inseparable companion of concertgoers who want to lower the volume without compromising the sonic experience." HigherHz


Up close.

No loss.


Minuendo® | Lossless earplugs
Custom mold musicians’ earplugs
Universal fit mid-range earplugs