• LIVE 17dB earplugs

    $99.00 USD


    • Fixed -17dB reduction with natural sound
    • For live music lovers: concerts, festivals, clubbing
    • Magnet snap and premium accessories
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  • Adjustable earplugs (US)

    $179.00 USD


    • Adjustable -7 to -25 dB reduction without sacrificing quality
    • For prosumers that need stepless sound control
    • Magnet snap and premium accessories
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Hearing protection with Lossless sound

All our earplugs come with our patented membrane that makes sure the music sounds just as fantastic when you are wearing them. No electronics or batteries in the way.

Protection in style

You don't need to choose between you looking good or protecting your ears. Bring Minuendo to festivals, concert and to the club.

The musician's best friend

Welcome to a future where you no longer have to compromise on sound or comfort to feel safe.

Play, sing, rock out, move closer — enjoy music, enjoy life.

Lossless. Yet fully protected.